The AT TradeAssistant is a trading indicator that can be used instead or aside of the NinjaTrader ChartTrader; you can place it on the price chart or you can replace the standard ChartTrader.
It has a lot of powerful features to help you enter and manage a trade, but it can also show only trade statistics, Level 2 analysis or other useful information.

As a ChartTrader replacement it supports features like:

  • Buy / Sell / Add / Close buttons
  • Interactive SL and TP placement before entering a trade
  • Risk / Reward information before and during a trade
  • Several methods of Stoploss trailing
  • Support/Resistance warnings
  • Realtime profit/loss and distances to SL and TP during a trade
  • Realtime distance to nearest SR levels
  • Level II and Tape analysis

You can use it with a NinjaTrader’s ATM strategy or with TradeAssistant’s own trade management.
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ATTradeAssistant settings
ATTradeAssistant settings


The AT TradeAssistant has two plots it can draw on the chart:

SLThe Stoploss price of an active (running) trade
SARThe SAR value to plot above or below the price during an active trade when the trailing stop is set to Parabolic SAR


  • When a submitted trade is executed
  • When a trade is closed
  • When a trade is submitted by AutoTrade

This page contains only a brief explanation of TradeAssistant’s features.
Read all about trading with the TradeAssistant on its Featured page.

When you buy the TradeAssistant you’ll receive several NinjaTrader templates with setups for different usage of this advanced tool.


The AT TradeAssistant is a ChartTrader replacement or addition and does not give signals itself. Its optional AutoTrade feature calculates signals from AT Indicators the same way the AT ChartMonitor does.


Show Level II imbalanceShows real-time Level II and tape analysis (Level 2 market data required)
Tape speed & volume factorThe multiplication factor that defines a spike in speed and/or volume
Tape speed & volume periodThe EMA period used to define whether tape speed and/or volume is increasing or decreasing
Refresh timeThe refresh time of the Level II and Tape snapshots
Show daily net changeShows the daily net change and the Instrument name (only when TradeAssistant is located in ChartTrader)
Net change fontThe font settings for the Net change
Show daily P/LShows the Profit/Loss for the daily session (only when TradeAssistant is located in ChartTrader)
Show P/LShow the Profit/Loss for an active trade, as well as the total number of long and short trades and their profit/loss
P/L FontThe font settings for the Profit/Loss for an active trade
Show P/L as ticksCheck this if you want the P/L value as ticks, unchecked it will display as currency
Buy/Sell buttonsShow Buy/Sell buttons
SAR Buy/Sell enablingBuy or Sell buttons are enabled dependent on the Parabolic SAR signal direction
Level II Buy/Sell enablingBuy or Sell buttons are enabled dependent on the Level II analysis
Allow adding to positionIf enabled an Add button will be shown during an open trade
Autotrade on signal levelIf enabled a trade will automatically be placed when the combined indicator signal reaches this percentage.
The SAR and Level II Buy/Sell enabling will be taken into account.
Show SR level warningsShows a warning on the top of the price panel if a Support/Resistance level is within the minimum distance entered below
Min distance to SRThe minimum distance in ticks for an SR level warning during a trade. This setting is also used to check and possibly adjust an order when you press the Buy/Sell button and the price would be within this distance to an SR level
Min Offset from SRThe minimum offset in ticks that a Buy or Sell order should be placed from an SR level when you press the Buy/Sell button.
Set this to zero if you don’t want any price adjustments when your press the Buy/Sell button
Entry offset (ticks)The offset in ticks that a Buy or Sell order should be placed from a recent high or low (Donchian 5 is used)
Risk/Reward factorThe Risk/Reward factor used to calculate the Take Profit.
Adjust and/or close orderIf checked this TradeAssistant monitors quantity changes and running profit/loss to change the Stoploss and Takeprofit orders.
For each Instrument there must be 1 TradeAssistant with this setting enabled, since TradeAssistant’s trade management doesn’t work without it.
Max loss $The maximum daily loss (over all Instruments) for TradeAssistant’s AutoClose function to trigger.
This value is also used to calculate the position size and to color the Daily P/L display.
AutoCloseThe method used when the maximum daily loss is reached.
Options are:
None: no AutoClose method
DisableTradingButtons: when the maximum daily loss is reached the Buy/Sell buttons will be hidden
CloseAtMaxLoss: an active running trade will be closed automatically as soon as the maximum daily loss is reached.
Max profit $The maximum daily profit.
This value is also used to color the Daily P/L display.
Trail S/L bars backIf this is set to zero the Trailing functionality is disabled.
Set it to -1 to show the Trailing dropdown without a trailing method enabled.
Trailing offset (ticks)The offset in ticks that the trailing stoploss should follow the price, based on the method chosen in the Trailing dropdown.
SAR AccelarationThe SAR acceleration value for a SAR trailing stop.
Donchian periodThe Donchian period for a Donchian Upper/Lower trailing stop