The AT TimeInBar indicator is useful for non-time based charts, like Renko, Tick, Volume, Range Bar and the like.
These charts do not create a new bar every fixed amount of time, but every number of points, ticks, volume traded and therefore every bar can (and will) take a different time to form.

In this sort of charts it can be helpful to see how fast or slow bars are formed.
The TimeInBar indicator shows you that as a histogram, as well as a moving average of the bar times.

You can invert the time histogram so fast bars will produce higher values.
A bar in the indicator is colored red or green – based on bullish or bearish price bar – if the time is above or below the average.


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TimeInBar settings


This indicator doesn’t send alerts


Because the TimeInBar indicator doesn’t show direction there are no indicator signals.


EMA periodThe number of periods to calculate the EMA of the bar times
Inverse timeEnable this to show larger values when bar times are shorter, disable it to show larger values when bar time are larger
TimeInBar plotThe visual settings of the TimeInBar values, normally shown as a histogram
EMA plotThe visual settings of the EMA