The Stochastic RSI (StochRSI) is an indicator used in technical analysis that ranges between zero and one (or zero and 100 on some charting platforms) and is created by applying the Stochastic oscillator formula to a set of relative strength index (RSI) values rather than to standard price data.
Using RSI values within the Stochastic formula gives traders an idea of whether the current RSI value is overbought or oversold.

Our version ranges between -50 and +50 and uses -30 and +30 for oversold/overbought. You can change these levels if needed.

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StochRSI settings


  • When StochRSI crosses the Overbought from above or Oversold from below
  • When the signal becomes Strong


Strong LongWhen the StochRSI is above the EMA and:
– above the Overbought line
or above zero
or crossing the Oversold line from below
Weak LongWhen the StochRSI is
– above the EMA and below zero
or below the EMA and above the Overbought line
Weak ShortWhen the StochRSI is
– below the EMA and above zero
or above the EMA and below the Oversold line
Strong ShortWhen the StochRSI is below the EMA and:
– below the Overbought line
or below zero
or crossing the Overbought line from above


PeriodThe period for the RSI and the minimum and maximum range
EMA periodThe period for the initial StochRSI calculation as well as the Average line
Show backgroundShows a red or green background in the indicator panel when the signal is Strong
Crosses plotThe Crosses plot are the dots where the StochRSI crosses the EMA. Set it to Transparent to hide the dots, or any other color to show them.