The AT ChartMessage intercepts all alerts from other AT indicators (even when the indicators Alert settings are disabled) and shows the latest alert on the Chart.
It can keep the last alert on Chart for a predefined number of bars, or until a new alert is triggered.

This allows you to keep your eyes on the Chart instead of actively monitoring the NinjaTrader Alert Log.
AT ChartMessage is an ideal companion to the AT ChartMonitor.


ChartMessage settings


This indicator doesn’t send alerts


Because this indicator doesn’t show direction, there are no indicator signals.


Horizontal alignmentThe horizontal alignment of the message on the Chart
Vertical alignmentThe vertical alignment of the message on the Chart
Countdown messagesIf checked the message gets a number in front of it if it was triggered on an earlier bar
Remove messages afterThe number of bars a message must retain on screen
FontThe font style to be used for the message