The Commodity Channel Index​ (CCI) is a momentum-based oscillator used to help determine when an investment vehicle is reaching a condition of being overbought or oversold.

It can also serve as a trend indicator, which is how the AssistedTrades signals are interpreted.

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CCI settings


  • When the CCI crosses the zero line


Strong LongWhen the CCI crosses the zero line from below, or when the CCI is above +100
Weak LongWhen the CCI is rising and between -100 and +100
NoneWhen the CCI is flat
Weak ShortWhen the CCI is falling and between +100 and -100
Strong ShortWhen the CCI crosses the zero line from above, or when the CCI is below -100


PeriodThe number of bars to evaluate
PlotsThe style of the different plots of the indicator
Turnaround pointsSet the color of this plot to Transparant to hide the points where the CCI comes back from above +100 to below it, and from below -100 to above it.
When the CCI has been at extreme values (above +200 or below -200) the crossing of the 100 lines are often considered to start a possible trend change