The AT BlockVolume indicator shows you where the largest volume blocks are traded, and it can give you an alert when the total amount exceeds a predefined trigger.

This indicator is based on the NinjaTrader standard BlockVolume indicator, but adds a Moving Average, a threshold and an alert.


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BlockVolume settings

Since this is a volume based indicator you need to set it’s Calculate parameter to ‘On each tick’.


  • When the block volume exceeds the threshold value


Because this indicator doesn’t show direction, there are no indicator signals.
The indicator can generate alerts.


Enable AlertsIf checked enables alerting with a sound and a message in the NinjaTrader Alert Log window
Alert SoundThe sound file to be used if an alert is fired
Enable EmailsIf checked enables email sent with the NinjaTrader Share Service ‘Email’.
Email AddressYour email address
Block trade sizeThe minimum Block size that will be counted
CountWhat to count, Volume or Trades
PeriodThe number of periods for the Moving Average line
ThresholdThe threshold for a large bar, which can generate an alert
Large Bar ColorThe color for a large bar in the indicator’s histogram, i.e. a bar that is above the Threshold volume
PlotsThe style of the different plots