TriplRSI settings


  • When the signal becomes Strong


Strong LongWhen all RSI values are above each other
Weak LongWhen the medium RSI is above the slow RSI and the fast RSI is below the medium RSI
NoneWhen all other conditions aren’t valid
Weak ShortWhen the medium RSI is below the slow RSI and the fast RSI is above the medium RSI
Strong ShortWhen all RSI values are below each other


Fast periodThe period for the fast RSI
Medium periodThe period for the medium RSI
Slow periodThe period for the slow RSI
Show backgroundShow a red or green background when the momentum shifts from long to short and vice versa
Lines & plotsThe visual appearance of all the available plots and lines.
The RSI Trend change is the appearance of the dots where the slow RSI crosses the medium RSI. Set it to Transparent to hide the dots or any other color to show them.