Stochastic settings


  • When K crosses the upper from above or lower from below (if Show leaving extremes is checked on)
  • When the signal becomes Strong


Strong LongWhen K and D are both above upper
OR when K is above upper or above D and rising, and D above zero and rising
Weak LongWhen K is rising, D is rising, K is above the D and above zero but D is still below zero
OR Show Extremes is enabled and K is crossing the Oversold line from below and D is below K
NoneWhen none of the other conditions are valid
Weak ShortWhen K is falling, D is falling, K is below the D and below zero but D is still above zero
OR Show Extremes is enabled and K is crossing the Overbought line from above and D is aboveK
Strong ShortWhen K and D are both below Lower
OR K is below Lower or below D and falling, and D below zero and falling

When the StochRSI is also shown, the Stochastic signals above are combined with StochRSI signals to generate the final Signal.


Period DThe period for the smoothing SMA of the Stochastic main line
Period KThe period for the raw Stochastic
SmoothThe period for the smoothing SMA of the raw Stochastic, resulting in the Stochastic main line
Show leaving extremesShows a red or green background in the indicator panel when Stochastic leaves Overbought or Oversold and is below %D
StochRSI periodThe period for an optional StochRSI, default shown as a histogram. Set to 0 to disable this.
Neutral plotThe neutral plot is the zero line, but also shows colored dots for the original Stochastic signals.
Crosses plotThe Crosses plot are the dots where the Stochastic crosses the EMA. Set it to Transparent to hide the dots, or any other color to show them.