First of all: I already have indicators, why should I buy new ones?

If you want your trading platform to inform you about possible setups, you need to rely on indicators.
Probably you’ve got a few favorite indicators for trend, momentum, volatility and/or volume.
And maybe some of these indicators can send you email or sound alerts, or you’re using the NinjaTrader alerting system to send you alerts.

However, the existing indicators and alerting system are of limited use. In trading it’s not one single indicator that defines a setup, it’s a combination of them. And it’s not about a very specific set of indicator values but it’s the combined strength of a set of indicators, where some of them might be more important than others.
The AssistedTrades framework implements a unique cooperative indicators solution that can combine indicator signals and alert you when it reaches a user-defined threshold.
Since the existing NinjaTrader indicators are not able to connect to our new framework, you need new and enhanced versions.

You can change existing NinjaTrader indicators yourself to work with the AssistedTrades framework, but not everybody has the skills or the time to do that.
Of course we’d be happy to assist you or create a new one for you.
But we prepared lots of popular indicators for a reasonable price, so probably your favorites are already in our catalog!

About indicators in our shop
Every indicator in our catalog has a very brief description, because they’re not new inventions (except a handful of them).
You probably know their purpose and if you don’t, you can Google it with a few clicks.
Of course we do explain the framework, its Signal definitions and all the settings in detail.

If you have any question we’d be glad to help you! Just fill in a sales or support request.

Check out how the framework helps you trading.