Our set of special indicators and tools

We have described our Framework, but that’s not all we have in store.
There are a lot of little (and big!) gems in our products that make a traders life easier, for instance:

  • Publish from and subscribe to Charts with AT ChartMonitor, including Account, Strategy, and or Instrument
  • Automatically set the number of ticks in a Tick Chart based on average ticks per bar in a Time based, Renko or Volume Chart (AT ChartMonitor combined with AT BarTimer)
  • Automatically set the vertical scale of any Chart based on daily average range (AT BarTimer)
  • Show the last alert from any indicator on your Chart so you don’t have to spit through the Alert Log (AT ChartMessage)
  • An Economic Calendar on your chart showing you the important economic actual and furute events (AT Calendar)
  • Enable/disable all indicator e-mails and alerts globally, per Instrument only or per Chart only (AT ChartMonitor)
  • Show the amount of time spend in a non time-based bar (AT TimeInBar, AT BarTimer, AT RenkoTimeVolume bar type)
  • A full Chart Trader replacement or assistant with Risk/Reward feedback before and during a trade, auto trailing, auto trading, trade statistics and optional real-time Level 2 statistics (AT TradeAssistant)

These features are mainly implemented in five products in our catalog that are not ‘just normal’ indicators recreated for the AssistedTrades Framework.
We’ll highlight these products separately, because they’re really very special.
The links below (and of course the submenu items under this Featured menu as well) lead you directly to their product pages.

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