Which trading platforms does your framework support?

Our framework only works with NinjaTrader 8, other trading platforms (TradeStation, MultiCharts etc.) are also not supported, sorry!
We also do not support NinjaTrader 7, because it’s much less advanced and it’s user base is only roughly 15 percent of total NinjaTrader users.
State-of-the-art indicators and trading tools require a state of the art platform, so NinjaTrader 8 is the best choice.
If you still have version 7, we strongly recommend that you upgrade!

Can I buy just a single indicator?

No, you must have the AT Framework package first because it contains the AssistedTrades framework (as well as a few popular indicators).
When you have that package you can buy any single indicator you want; they will all plug into the AssistedTrades framework.

How long does it take before I can use a product I bought?

You can download the software immediately after your payment has been processed.
After your order we must register your license with NinjaTrader, which can take up to 24 hours.
However, normally you would be able to use it the same day.

Do other NinjaTrader indicators work with your framework?

No, standard NinjaTrader indicators (and those from the NinjaTrader ecosystem) do not have access to the AssistedTrades signal framework.
The ones on our site are recreated to work with our framework, and most of them have been enhanced with new functionality in the process.

I don’t see my favorite indicator on your site, what now?

You can send us an email, just fill in the contact form and tell us your wishes.
If we think that indicator might be popular enough, we’ll probably create it and put it on our site within a short period of time.
If not, we can quote you a price for programming it just for you.

Do I need to pay recurring fees?

The AssistedTrades Framework is available as LifeTime version and as a Monthly Subscription, for you to choose.
All indicators are sold for a one-time product price.

Will my monthly subscription be renewed automatically?

Yes, your subscription will be renewed each month and the credit card you used at sign-up will be billed automatically, on the same date you first subscribed. You can update your credit card details at any time by using the ‘update billing details’ link on your account page.

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

Of course we hope you won’t and would just let us know any problems, complains or whatever so we can help you out.
But if you want to cancel you can do that anytime from your Account page on the website. We’ll stop charging your creditcard immediately (although there are no partial refunds).
Keep in mind that the subscription allows you to use our framework, and our indicators cannot function without the framework.
That means indicators bought separately won’t work anymore after your subscription has been cancelled.

Do you provide a trial period?

No, we don’t.
But you can cancel the subscription for the AT Framework package anytime, so you can try out our system for a small amount of money (1 monthly fee).
However, we’re quite confident you’ll like it so much that you don’t want to trade without it anymore!

Why are some indicators more expensive than most of them?

AT TradeAssistant, AT ChartMessage, AT Calendar and AT BarTimer are not normal indicators that can be found anywhere.
They’re unique and carefully designed and have significant value in trading. And they took a lot of work to build.
Some other indicators are greatly enhanced from the normal version.
So we think they’re reasonable priced and are great value for money.
Besides that; all indicators are a one-time investment!

Do you provide support?

Of course we do!
We want you to be satisfied with our products, so we will do anything we can to help you.
You can reach us by email for any problem or question you have.
Fill in the contact form on this website and we’ll get back to you quickly.

What about updates?

All updates are free and are send to you as a NinjaScript Add-On zip package as soon as they’re available.
Updates can contain not only bugfixes but also new features we develop for the framework and the separate indicators.

I have an idea for an new indicator or other NinjaTrader tool, can you help me with that?

For sure!
We are a NinjaScript Consultant and we can program anything you want in NinjaTrader 8 for you.
If your idea would fit in our product portfolio, we can give you a big discount if you allow us to sell it. But if you want it proprietary we are also happy to quote you!

Do you trade with your framework and indicators yourself?

You get tools built from experience, and you can be sure they will be valuable for your trading as well.

Will your system increase my profits? What can I expect?

That depends solely on you and your trading system.
Our framework is not a trading system, it’s designed to support your trading system.
You define your own rules for a high quality (potentially profitable) trade setup, and we provide the tools to alert and assist you.
But what you can expect is that you won’t miss a high quality signal anymore, because our framework will email and/or alert you as soon as your rules have been met. You don’t have to watch the screen all the time.
So if your trading system in itself can be profitable, you can expect to get better trading signals.
Which in the end should lead to less losses and more profits.

Don’t forget that the right trading exit is just as much or even more important than the right entry! Never let a winning trade turn into a loser; better to be out with a small profit than keep waiting and hoping…
You can always go back in later if the opportunity arises!