Take NinjaTrader 8 alerting to the next level

We’re not selling another Holy Grail indicator, because that simply does not exist. Don’t let anyone fool you into buying a fantastic set of indicators with outstanding acccuracy.
It’s a waste of time and money!

Luckily you don’t need a Holy Grail indicator to be successful in trading, because with existing indicators you can compile a great trading system!

All indicators basically do the same thing: each one gives you a different representation of the development of previous prices. The problem is that one indicator isn’t enough to paint the whole picture, and current indicators can’t work together to give you a clear combined trading signal.
So you’re getting alerts too often or too late, which makes them unreliable. And unreliable alerts result in unsuccessful trading.

Missed trading signals again?

And that’s why we’ve all been there: you’re waiting for a trade setup, but it seems like nothing’s going to happen. You decide to take a break for a coffee and of course (again!) a perfect setup unfolds while you’re away from your screen. You didn’t get an alert, and back at your computer you see you missed the move and most or all of the opportunity has gone!
Stepping in too late is risky since the trade may turn against you.

Even if you have a daily trading routine spanning just a couple of hours behind your screen, it’s still difficult to catch the right signals. And when you’re monitoring multiple instruments for possible setups it’s even more likely you’ll miss something. You just can’t get reliable signals.
You need a better trading platform to assist you.

AssistedTrades to the resque!

We fixed the shortcomings of current indicators with a trading framework that monitors indicator signals and informs you with alerts or emails when their signals are strong enough.
But here’s the twist: our framework lets you combine indicators in one or more groups to create group alerting based on the totalized indicator signal percentages. You can even prioritize indicators within a group.
This ensures you’ll only receive the high quality actionable signals, something you cannot do with the alerting system included in NinjaTrader (or other trading platforms).

How does it work

Our new trading and alerting Framework allows you to monitor multiple Instruments simultaneously, and receive only the high quality tradable signals you need to trade your preferred setups.
You’ll have instant real time information to help you start and monitor your trades.

Together with our unique tools like ChartMonitor, ChartMessage, Calendar, TradeAssistant and more, the AssistedTrades framework also helps you act successfully on your setups.

Since NinjaTrader’s standard indicators are not able to connect to our framework, we recreated and enhanced a large amount of popular indicators and sell them at a reasonable one-time price.
We’ll add new indicators on request and on a regularly basis.
The AssistedTrades framework itself can be purchased as a LifeTime license or as a Monthly subscription.

If you’ve chosen NinjaTrader 8, you already work with one of the best trading platforms out there.
Now AssistedTrades takes NinjaTrader 8 alerting to the next level.
You will never miss a high quality trade signal again!

Read more about the AssistedTrades Framework.